The Center for Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Research consists of several labs. The Functional Biomechanics Laboratory and Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory are in the Brown Building. The lab is divided into two spaces: one for motion capture and general use, the other is suitable for working with biological tissues. The Computational Biomechanics Group also shares this space. The Biomechatronics Research Lab and the Intelligent Healthcare Robotics Laboratory are housed in a second space in the original Brown Building.

We have a variety of experimental equipment, including;

  • 7-camera Qualisys OQUS 300+ motion capture system
  • Bertec 9090 force plate
  • Wireless, 16-channel electromyography system
  • Wireless EEG systems
  • Medtronic Stealth Station Surgical Navigation System
  • Northern Digital Aurora magnetic tracking system
  • Teskxan pressure measurement systems

scanning equipment